List Selection

It starts with the List:

Whether you are driving foot traffic to your store: Occupant – “Mailing to every household in the neighborhood”

 Called “Every Door Direct Mail®”  by the United States Postal Service.

Looking for specific Customers with a specific interest or income level: Consumer

Marketing to other Businesses: Industry Specific

Looking for support for your Non-profit: Consumer & Business Financial Doners

Identify your TOP Buyers / Prospects:

Whether it’s your in-house list or a list we acquire for you, we will integrate vital demographic information to increase its vitality. For example, age, income, presence of children, occupation and home ownership, proximity to your store front, date last purchased are some of the factors that can help expand your qualified leads by eliminating the poorest responders and identifying the names most likely to reply to your offer. You’ll increase your response rate by selecting only the best prospective buyers.

Personalize Your Mail Piece:

Personalize the message, personalize the offer and you exponentially increase your response percentages. We will show you the tricks of variable data fill from personalizing the name throughout your mail-piece to pre-filling in detailed order forms.

List Coding / Segmentation:

Identify Return Buyers vs One time Buyers, Companies over 10 Employees, Multiple Revenue Thresholds, Credit Ratings, Educational levels, SIC codes; whatever your criteria, we can code your lists for better selection and ease of analyzing results on the backend.