List Cleansing

Eliminate waste of non-deliverable mail due to: customer moves, job changes, inaccurate address information, seasonal / vacant residents. Accudirect squeezes the utmost efficiency out of your database by ensuring that each record is deliverable, standardized and formatted to postal or web specifications. We prepare your address fields correctly the first time, identifying (when needed) mail stops, departments, titles and others specific requirements. We upgrade deliverability thru the following regiment:

  • Data Entry – accurately convert manual data to electronic data.
  • Data Cleansing – ensure the proper data is in the proper field.
  • CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System) – address standardization and correction for the USPS.
  • NCOA  (National change of Address) – identifying consumers who have moved and those that are Non Deliverables (NIXIE)
  • Do Not Mail File – Maintain a list of people who have requested not to receive your mailings and remove them from the list.
  • LACS – Locatable address conversion system – automatically convert outdated rural route box numbers to newly assigned conventional street addresses.
  • Sophisticated Merge / Purge – elimination of duplicates by multiple criteria.